Honouring Local Roots with Calgary Co-op

Calgary Coop Logo Calgary Italian Bakery has always been locally minded, even from the start back in 1962 when we first opened. We have always believed in local ingredients and local staff. As a proudly Calgarian company we are pleased to partner with Calgary Co-op who shares this same business philosophy – support the community you live in.

Daily you can find our fresh baked bread on Calgary Co-op shelves, white and brown loaves as well as fresh hamburger and hot dog buns – a staple for any BBQ. And speaking of BBQ, CIBL has also partnered with local brewers, Village Brewery, to bring you a new product that will take your hamburger to the next level.

Found at Calgary Co-op, you can now pick up our new Calgary Italian Bakery Village Beer Bun. As the name suggests, we have created a hamburger bun using spent grains from the brewery as well as a dash of their popular Blacksmith Beer. The end result is a bun perfect for grilled burgers and meats. Pop over to your local Calgary Co-op to find these products baked fresh and delivered daily!

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