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  • Famiglia Breads

    Famiglia Breads

    Famiglia breads are a tribute to the late Luigi Bontorin and his passion for simple, local ingredients that create a nutritious bread to be shared with family and friends.

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  • White and Brown Breads

    White and Brown Breads

    We have both white and 100% whole wheat breads, several different loaf sizes and slice thicknesses. From a traditional slice to a thick “Steakmate”, we have you covered.

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  • Grain Breads

    Grain Breads

    We have a variety of grain breads available, including; Honey Whole Grain, Granola Bread, Multigrain, as well as two choices of Rye Bread – Hearth Rye Bread & Marble Rye Bread. If you are looking for a healthy choice, try out some of these great products!

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  • Italian Bread and Buns

    Italian Bread and Buns

    Ciabatta Buns, Focaccia Bread, Artisan Baguettes, Dynasty Rolls, and Baguettes. Try out these great products for an authentic Italian taste.

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  • Specialty Breads

    Specialty Breads

    Tired of generic white and whole wheat breads? Try something new! We have Sourdough, Brioche and Raisin breads.

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  • English Muffins

    English Muffins

    We have delicious English Muffins! Try out our traditional or whole wheat English Muffins. They are a great choice for breakfast.

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  • Hot Dog Buns

    Hot Dog Buns

    Having a BBQ? We have both white and whole wheat hot dog buns available for purchase. If you want to try out something different, we also have a French Roll Top Slice bun, which is perfect for sausages and bratwursts.

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  • Hamburger & Kaiser Buns

    Hamburger & Kaiser Buns

    We have lots of options for hamburger buns; from sliders to regular-sized buns to something slightly larger to hold everything in. We also carry a whole wheat hamburger bun and a brioche hamburger bun. Our bun selection doesn’t stop there, we also have a wide variety of Kaiser buns. Try our Kaisers in white, honey whole grain, or sesame.

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  • Sub Buns

    Sub Buns

    We have sub buns in various sizes and types. Looking for something crusty? Try our Spolumbo Bun (6” sub), 8” Baguette or 10” Tony Baguette, all of which can be purchased in white. We also have soft sub bun options: 8” Ezee Sub or 12” Sub Bun, all available in white. Try our 8” Sourdough Baguette for something different.

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  • Dinner Buns

    Dinner Buns

    Need something to take to dinner? Your options are endless. We have soft dinner buns available in white and whole wheat, dynasty rolls available in white or whole wheat, and assorted crusty buns!

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  • Miscellaneous Baked Goods

    Miscellaneous Baked Goods

    Looking for an alternative to bread and buns? We also have tortilla wraps, pita bread and bagels available in several different sizes and flavours, as well as cheese sticks or cheese buns!

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