Famiglia (Family in Italian)
CIBL Founders Luigi & Myrl Bontorin

Famiglia Breads

Famiglia breads are a tribute to the late Luigi Bontorin and his passion for simple, local ingredients that create a nutritious bread to be shared with family and friends. Calgary Italian Bakery was formed by Luigi and Myrl Bontorin in 1962 when much of downtown was less than six stories high and deals were forged by the shake of a hand. It was born with the belief that Calgarians deserved better bread, made with love, with ingredients you could pronounce.

Today, the Bontorin brothers, David and Louis, run the business with the same founding principles instilled by their father to feed the communities of Calgary with simple bread that brings people together, the way Luigi intended.

Famiglia 14 Field Bread Famiglia Oat Bran Bread Famiglia Whole Wheat Bread Famiglia Sunflower Flax Bread
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