Famiglia (Family in Italian)
CIBL Founders Luigi & Myrl Bontorin


  • If the Famiglia bag says this product is vegan friendly, why does the “may contain” statement list egg and milk?

    All Famiglia products are considered vegan friendly because they are not made with milk or egg. Though this is the case, we feel it’s important to be transparent with our customers and note that both of these ingredients are present in our facility.

    We are certified to the highest global food safety certification, BRC Global Standards, and operate under a stringent food safety program. We have a separate, scheduled run for products containing milk and egg. We also have a dedicated sanitation team that cleans and sanitizes these lines after every allergen run. Our allergen program is also validated to ensure that no trace of egg or milk is present in Famiglia products.

  • What is Sunflower Lecithin?

    Lecithin occurs naturally in a variety of biological materials, including humans. It’s a mixture of glycerophospholipids or more simply, a mixture of fatty acids, which is used to smooth food textures. It’s a crucial ingredient which acts as an emulsifier to help our bread develop its structure during proofing and aid in the slicing process.

    Sunflower Lecithin is known to play an active role in lowering cholesterol, improving heart health, aiding breastfeeding mothers, helping improve digestion and cognitive function. To ensure these breads are friendly to those with soy allergies, we chose to use sunflower lecithin over soy lecithin.

  • Do you make products with sprouted grain?

    We currently don’t make products with sprouted grain but it is something our partners have inspired us to work toward.

    Famiglia is a clean label product using locally sourced, pronounceable ingredients. We have removed all the unwanted preservatives that are typically used to prolong shelf life. We have kept all breads in this line sugar free and low in sodium, with some being low fat, fat free and a source of fibre. We also believe that making healthy food choices shouldn’t be expensive, which is why we wanted to make sure Famiglia breads could fit within your shopping budget.

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